Digifort VMS platform has new Object Link feature


Digifort UK’s video management software (VMS) and multi-analytics platform has Object Link; a feature allowing CCTV system users to intuitively track people and objects from camera to camera, around a site.

Arrows or button icons are placed within a camera’s field of view, pointing in the direction a person or object exits the camera’s view. The user clicks the icon to switch to the next, logical camera, thus following the person or object, such as a vehicle, in real time.

Object Link also works in playback mode, retrieving footage of an event sequence across multiple cameras, with the option to export it for evidence. It is a standard feature within the Digifort VMS platform, so has no additional cost.

Nick Bowden, MD of Digifort UK, said, “Object Link adds management and surveillance efficiency to CCTV systems of all sizes. It helps users navigate a CCTV system, tracking people or objects seamlessly, even if they are unfamiliar with the site.

“Object Link is often configured to step to the next logical camera for tracking, however multiple camera views, video analytics views, LPR views, multiscreen layouts, maps, and web pages can all be selected instead, along with the automatic triggering of Digifort’s comprehensive list of post alarm and event actions.

“Object Link comes with a comprehensive library of icons and includes the ability to use motion zone triggers to select the next camera or action.

“A real-world example of this would be to unlock a door automatically when a person crosses a trigger zone to exit. The options for using this feature are unlimited.”

Object Link demo videos for Live, Playback and Export are here: https://www.digifort.uk/videos/category/object-link


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