Dragonfruit releasees Cloud VMS Screener+ SaaS solution

False alarms drain the life out of security operations on so many levels by wasting valuable personnel resources and budget, and hampering overall situational awareness and security. The new Dragonfruit Frontier Cloud VMS and video analytics users can automatically eliminate false alarms by as much as 99% with a new Video Verification as a Service called Screener+.

Screener+ provides an industry first and exclusive false alarms reduction solution that guarantees <1% false dispatches, effectively reducing costly personnel dispatches to investigate alarms. The innovative solution screens all alarms generated through Frontier at scale, including alarms generated by dwell times and any of Frontier’s powerful analytics such as spill detection, LPR, heatmaps, face mask detection, people and vehicle counting, and more.

Screener+ also verifies alarms generated by any customised analytics modules developed for Frontier users, as well as from alarms generated by other integrated systems. This powerful automated alarm reduction solution presents a highly cost-effective and accurate alternative to third party monitoring services.

For customers interested in managing their own alarms more efficiently, Dragonfruit Frontier Cloud VMS and video analytics includes Screener, which is embedded for free in the solution’s Real-time Alerts Suite. 


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