Dubai Police unveil record results from international law enforcement cooperation at World Police Summit 2023

Dubai Police

At the World Police Summit, which is ongoing at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Dubai Police found it to be the perfect opportunity to share their results from international law enforcement.

The second edition of the conference – hosted by Dubai Police – takes place amidst rapid evolution in the criminal landscape and rapid evolution in the nature of crime itself.

The increasing rate of crime taking place across borders and the expansion of technology in the criminal sphere make cooperation between international law enforcement agencies more essential than ever.

Facilitating this cooperation is a key priority for the World Police Summit. International experts, policymakers, and law enforcement professionals from over 129 countries are gathered in Dubai to discuss immediate priorities and challenges facing the policing industry, and to build partnerships that will ensure effective responses to cross-border criminal activities.

World Police Summit hosts, Dubai Police, unveiled record-breaking results from international operations that took place between 2020-2022.

Speaking to delegates during the opening of the conference, His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, said: “In the UAE, we firmly believe that security is crucial for economic, social, and political development.”

“As part of our commitment towards assisting friendly nations and international organisations, the UAE, represented by the Ministry of Interior and Dubai Police is proud to have helped our international partners to arrest hundreds of fugitives and disarm tens of criminal organisations over the last two years”.

Highlights from operations spanning 2020-2022 include:

  • The arrest of 597 fugitives from 101 countries – including China, Spain, and France – on charges including money laundering, drug smuggling, and promotion, leading organised crime syndicates.
  • The repatriation of 85 wanted fugitives to countries including India and the UK.
  • The sharing of almost 10,000 tips with 60 law enforcement agencies and organisations in more than 195 countries. Lieutenant General Al Marri also highlighted the most prominent joint operations carried out by Dubai Police and international law enforcement agencies over the last two years, which have led to the arrest of 103 fugitives. These include the ‘Desert Light’ operation in 2022 – a Europol operation which dismantled the “super cartel” that controlled about a third of Europe’s cocaine supply; ‘The Ghost’ operation in 2021 – where Dubai Police arrested Moufide ‘Mouf’ Bouchibi a wanted French criminal; Operation ‘Millstream’ in 2020, which saw the arrest of 2 Australian criminals responsible for smuggling more than $150 million worth of drugs into Australia; and operation ‘Los Blancos’ in 2020, during which the Dubai police arrested the leader of a transnational organised crime syndicate wanted by the Italian authorities.

The event is in its final day today (March 9).


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