Gallagher Security wins at the India and South Asia OSPAs 


Gallagher Security’s Controller 7000 (C7000) was named Outstanding New Security Product at the India and South Asia OSPAs, held in New Delhi on March 14.

Released in November 2023, this is the first award win for Gallagher’s C7000, the latest addition to their Controller suite. The C7000 is UL certified and is said to be capable of managing all localised access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, business automation and logic needs for organisations.

“We are proud to be the recipients of the Outstanding New Security Product at the India OSPAs in New Delhi,” said Jim Rayner, Value Owner at Gallagher and who led production on the C7000. “This award is testament and credit to everyone involved in bringing this exciting new product to market.

“Gallagher is passionate about pushing cyber security to the next level so that we can protect what matters most. The Controller 7000 really pushes the limits of what can be achieved when products are designed with security baked in right from the beginning.”

The C7000 comes with a powerful iMX8 System-on chip and an NXP Edgelock secure element, which is said to ensure a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Gallagher guarantees software authenticity on each device.

Gallagher also claim that with a ten times more powerful microprocessor, the C7000 executes access decisions 25 times faster, resyncing the cardholder database in half the time. The C7000 has been purposely designed with the same footprint, wiring, and ports as the Controller 6000.

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