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In this exclusive Q&A, Firas Jadalla, Regional Director META at Genetec, discusses Genetec’s presence at the upcoming World Police Summit and what visitors can expect from attending.

Why are Genetec appearing at the inaugural World Police Summit?

The World Police Summit is an event which encompasses the governments, policy makers and sector professionals to discuss the key priorities shaping the future of policing. For as long as Genetec’s been around, we have been dedicated to protecting the mass public and making sure that our solutions seamlessly provide the needed insight and information directly to local authorities, whether this is through our surveillance technology, license plate recognition software or any of our products.

Genetec has had a long withstanding relationship with different Police departments in UAE, whether in terms of adopting video management solutions or general physical security. Alongside this, Genetec powers large and essential infrastructures in the city such as several airports in the UAE and GCC countries. Cooperating with police authorities and participating in events such as the World Police Summit brings us closer to our goal of securing and safeguarding communities worldwide.

What can visitors to the World Police Summit expect to see from Genetec on the booth?

We will be focused on the following products during World Police Summit in addition to presenting our unified platform for video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition:

  • Mission control, a decision management system that aids in the comprehension of unfolding events and the rapid identification of the optimum course of action.
  • Clear ID, a self-service physical identity and access management (PIAM) system that improves the movement of people within your business while strengthening your security regulations.
  • Surveillance in the Security Center Restricted Security Area (RSA) pulls together several detection and tracking devices in a single display pane.

How do Genetec assist law enforcement agencies in their efforts to mitigate risk and crime?

Video is an essential form of monitoring and evidence for law enforcement agencies, and rapid growth in technology means that high-quality cameras are becoming commonplace. In Dubai alone, there are 300,000 CCTV cameras. This therefore requires an advanced unified physical security solution. The unified solution not only provides security, it is also a secure platform by design. The Genetec platform can help law enforcement agencies implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, so they can keep their system and data safe.

How do Genetec see Policing in the modern world and what trends if any are Genetec identifying?

We believe that moving forward, both public and private organisations will see the benefits of being included on a camera registry program as to streamline modern day policing within law enforcement agencies by allowing easy access to footage, thus saving time on investigations. Another significant trend we believe will seep into 2022 and become a staple for the future of policing is the large-scale deployment of video analytics, a process which is set to become more feasible.

A few other trends set to define policing in the modern world are occupancy monitoring and space usage, adaptable access control technology and most importantly the adoption of open architecture to aid the smart city movement.

Firas Jadalla, Regional Director META, Genetec

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