HID Global expands multi-factor authentication features for Temenos Infinity

HID Global has been working with banking software manufacturer Temenos to expand the features of its multi-factor authentication solution that are available to Temenos Infinity users. HID’s risk-based authentication solution is pre-integrated with Temenos’ digital front office product, Infinity.

“HID is committed to helping Temenos customers meet today’s extraordinary demand for safe and secure access to mobile and online banking services as a result of the current global health crisis,” said Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director of the Identity & Access Management Solutions with HID Global. “We are ensuring that Temenos Infinity users can benefit from the broadest range of capabilities in our risk-based authentication solution, from onboarding and transaction signing through self-service and management.”

HID’s offering supports the latest Temenos Infinity capabilities through its HID ActivID Authentication Platform featuring the HID Risk Management Solution with real-time risk profiling technology. Temenos Infinity users now benefit from a wide range of options for authentication and onboarding, including static passwords, multiple types of One Time Passwords (OTPs) and FIDO hardware authenticators, and mobile push notification leveraging public key cryptography. In addition to this, further capabilities include pre-integrated HID Identity Verification Service capabilities that simplify and enhance digital identity self-service and management while increasing administrative visibility.

“As the leader in banking software, we know that the need for modern digital banking in this ‘New Normal’ will be greater than ever,” said James Holland, Director of Product Security with Temenos. “Temenos is helping banks support today’s surge in digital banking volumes while also ensuring that these interactions are secure at every point, including the consumer’s device where they are initiated.  We welcome these new capabilities from HID Global.”



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