i-PRO introduces Industry’s First AI Scene Change Detection to more than 100 i-PRO camera models


i-PRO have unveiled a new AI application named AI Scene Change Detection, which can detect changes within the target scene based on the normal status that is defined and learned in advance.

Users can define and have the app learn what their normal status is to detect the abnormal status. For example, if we set a door is closed as a normal status, the app will notify when the door is left open or if we set the scene where groceries are on the shelf as normal status, the app will notify when the groceries sold out and nothing on the shelf.

Up to three status can be saved, allowing for flexible use in situations where you want to detect changes in the environment or in different situations.

Our unique AI algorithm provide you with highly accurate detection results without false alarm even when people come in the camera footage. The alarm notification can be received, and alarm search is compatible to VMSs from other company such as Genetec or Milestone if not choosing Video Insight.

You can find out more here.


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