IDEMIA cements its biometric technologies leadership in the latest NIST rankings


IDEMIA still leads the biometric tech race covering iris, fingerprint and face recognition, according to NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) latest test results.

IDEMIA’s iris recognition algorithm came in top of the latest NIST Iris Exchange (IREX 10) ranking. IDEMIA’s algorithm beats all other corporate algorithms from around the world in terms of iris recognition accuracy based on a single eye.

Iris recognition is one of the most secure methods to stop identity fraudsters. This technology is used in countless applications including border control and smart boarding for a safer and smoother passenger experience, backed by the heralded accuracy and efficiency of IDEMIA’s latest OneLook Gen2 device.

You also find it in identity management systems like India’s Aadhaar program, which gave over 1.2 billion people a totally secure identity for the first time.

IDEMIA’s fingerprint template generator algorithm was placed top in the NIST Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX III) ranking. IDEMIA believe that this proves beyond any doubt that its algorithms are totally compatible with third party systems and satisfy market standards.

These results follow on from those obtained in the NIST Proprietary Fingerprint Template (PFT III) benchmark and in the latest NIST comparative test on fingerprint and palmprint latents (ELFT) for police applications, once again confirming the performance of all types of fingerprint and palmprint recognition and coding solutions.

IDEMIA’s facial recognition technology still comes first in fairness among the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT)’s 100 most accurate algorithms in flagging up false face matches. IDEMIA believes this reaffirms its pledge to using artificial intelligence and identity technologies for ethical purposes to make the world safer for citizens everywhere.

“Our latest results once again attest to our capacity to develop ever more accurate and efficient technologies while always keeping fairness at the core of our products,” said Jean-Christophe Fondeur, Group Chief Technology Officer. “With results outperforming all our rivals, we reaffirm our pledge to lead and promote the importance of social responsibility here.

“I’m immensely proud of our test results and would like to congratulate all our people for their outstanding work.”


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