IDEMIA facilitates access to eSIM technology for travellers worldwide


IDEMIA’s Group QR code has accelerated the adoption of the eSIM technology, with the promise of a fully digital onboarding journey for travellers and visitors to a country.

The entire frictionless eSIM for travel experience can be completed in just minutes, granting users direct access to local connectivity.

Major sporting events such as Rugby World Cup, Paris 2024 Olympic Games, or cultural events such as large music festivals as well as professional events are attracting major travellers flows from all over the world.

In an increasingly connected world, the efficiency and user-friendliness enabled by many technologies are becoming crucial for users. In this context, IDEMIA is proud to be working with trusted partners to deploy the eSIM Group QR code feature as part of Smart Connect Consumer, IDEMIA eSIM Subscription Management solution.

IDEMIA’s Group QR Code provides a seamless and fully digital eSIM activation experience to people on-the-go by granting them instant access to local connectivity without needing to download an application or go to a mobile operator boutique.

Once arrived in the destination country, visitors can scan a Group QR Code displayed whether online or in strategic locations such as airports or city centres, then follow a few easy steps to register and verify their identity. This way, they activate a subscription and get a direct connection to the local internet and mobile network throughout their stay.

With IDEMIA’s Group QR Code feature, mobile operators have the possibility to onboard groups of customers, simplifying the subscription process for new users on the move and offering them tailored options.

Indeed, this feature unlocks unlimited partnership opportunities for mobile operators with venues, airlines, or international events, enabling the launch of targeted marketing campaigns towards their audience. In addition, the solution enables mobile operators to reduce their costs thanks to an easy implementation.

Also, it minimises their environmental impact with a single Group QR Code compared to the traditional way of printing and distributing unitary eSIM QR Codes.

“The eSIM Group QR Code feature will democratise the adoption of eSIM technology, providing an easy-to-use activation process that drastically simplifies the onboarding experience, being purely digital and instantly providing connectivity services to the end subscriber,” said Mikkel Escartin, Vice President of Digital Solutions at IDEMIA. “We hope that many other mobile operators will trust us to roll out this function to their customers, just like NOS Portugal, who we have supported for the launch of a marketing campaign this summer.”


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