IDEMIA Identity & Security launch Missouri Mobile ID


IDEMIA Identity and Security (I&S) North America continues to lead the U.S. digital credential market with the launch of the Missouri Mobile ID App, in partnership with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR).

State residents can download the free app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play to manage their identity securely and easily from their mobile phone.

Missouri will also be the first state in the country to offer users the added benefit and convenience of using Mobile ID to verify their identity to remotely renew their driver license or identification card from anywhere they have online access.

Mobile ID can be used to verify identity at businesses, government agencies, and other organisations both in-person and online. Robust security features provide the highest level of assurance, so acceptors of Mobile ID can be confident that presenters are who they say they are.

The DOR pushes real-time live credential updates to the app, so verifiers have the most-up-to-date status, including if an ID has been revoked or cancelled.

The Mobile ID App registration process contains multi-factor authentication for security and protection. First, users register their device’s phone number, binding the Mobile ID to their device and their device only.

Next, users capture both sides of their state issued physical ID using their smartphone camera and take a selfie that includes liveness detection. This portrait is automatically saved to the device as the second authentication factor.

Then, users select and confirm a personal identification number becoming the third and final authentication factor stored only on the device. Once identity is verified against information on file with the DOR, registration is complete and your Mobile ID is ready to use.

Device owners can only access their Mobile ID by unlocking the app using Face ID/Touch ID or their personal six-digit pin. Mobile ID offers privacy control options that allow the user to verify they are of legal age to rent a car or purchase alcohol, while hiding unnecessary information such as their address or exact date of birth.

Users must also consent to sharing their information, so they are always in control of their data, and it is never stored or sold.

“With the launch of Mobile ID, Missouri is opening up doors to enhanced, convenient services for their residents, such as remote renewal,” said Michael Hash, Senior Vice President,Civil Identity, IDEMIA Identity and Security North America. “We are proud to partner with Missouri to deliver a more secure way for their citizens to protect and verify their identity in our ever-changing digital world.”

Missouri becomes the fifth state to roll out IDEMIA’s Mobile ID technology, joining Oklahoma, Delaware, Arizona and Mississippi with other states gearing up to launch the technology in 2023.


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