IDEMIA Public Security partners with Microsoft for Entra Verified ID


IDEMIA Public Security has announced it has been recognised as a Microsoft Entra Verified ID partner for remote onboarding, expanding the relationship between IDEMIA and Microsoft.

This new strategic collaboration will extend Microsoft Entra Verified ID’s capabilities to help both organisations and employees benefit from a seamless onboarding experience using IDEMIA’s liveness & document verification technology.

The identity proofing process is completed using biometric liveness and document capture via the users’ smartphones. The result is a trusted user identity that gives organisations the assurance they need to proceed with employee onboarding.

This allows users to proof their identity once, then use the credential created from that proofing process and stored in the Microsoft Authenticator app to authenticate themselves in multiple other contexts, including employee, customer, and partner onboarding, secure access to high-value data and systems, and self-service account enrolment and recovery.

“We’re proud and excited to strengthen and expand our collaboration with Microsoft, which will bring together IDEMIA’s advanced identity solutions and longstanding industry expertise with Microsoft’s Entra Verified ID capability,” said Ea Chaillioux, VP Strategic Alliances, IDEMIA Public Security. “This will ensure both organisations and employees have access to trusted user identities.

“This collaboration enables users to authenticate themselves easily, accessibly, and securely and with a fully digital experience during the remote onboarding process and when they want to access systems & services.”

“Entra Verified ID’s Face Check compares a user’s real-time facial image against a signed and trusted image embedded into a digital credential held by the user based on their government issued ID (e.g. Driver’s license) or credentials issued by an employer,” added Ankur Patel, Head of Product Entra Verified ID, Microsoft. “We are pleased to partner with IDEMIA as one of the leading identity verification providers, so organisations can ensure only the correct person has access to apps and devices.”

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