Idis announces 12MP IR Super Fisheye camera is NDAA compliant

The 12MP IR Super Fisheye camera from Idis is now NDAA compliant and available to systems integrators and end users.

Reportedly one of the most popular Idis cameras, the 12MP IR Super Fisheye includes Smart UX Controls, which enable panning, tracking, and zooming with ease and accuracy. These controls allow operators to easily follow moving objects or suspects in real-time and de warp any point of interest in six view modes directly from the camera, VMS or via IDIS mobile apps on smartphones or tablets.

Essential on-board analytics include active tampering alert, trip-zone alert, and heat mapping tools. The fisheye can also easily be utilised by IDIS Deep Learning Analytics for users to accurate object, loitering, and intrusion detection, as well as metadata and appearance searching. It is also fully cyber secure and equipped with multi-layered encryptions and proprietary-protocols and gives users the assurance of continuous seamless recording with Idis Smart Failover.

With its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), the 12MP Fisheye covers a wider area even in varying lighting conditions, maintaining image brightness, exposure, and contrast to provide forensic-level detail right to the periphery. This ultimately makes the camera suitable for schools, retail, healthcare, and logistics centres where it is significantly reducing the number of fixed lens cameras required to cover a particular area, meaning less equipment costs, lower installation fees, and easier maintenance.

“Meeting NDDA compliance and global regulations and standards is a concern for systems integrators and end users worldwide,” said Joon Jun, President of the IDIS Global Business Division. “We are now shipping an extensive Korean-made range of powerful cameras and recorders that are NDDA compliant, inherently cyber secure and come with built-in failover. Together with a choice of video management software and our 98% accurate deep-learning powered analytics, we are giving customers the assurance and trust they need, while ensuring an industry-beating low total cost of ownership.”


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