Idis eBook makes the case for deep learning tech

Idis’ latest tech-explainer eBook – The Benefits of Deep Learning Driven Intelligent Video Analytics – explores how a new generation of AI video solutions is delivering better security, safety, operational efficiency and business intelligence. The eBook, can be downloaded now from the Idis website.

The manufacturer believes that in recent years, the terms ‘intelligent’ and ‘artificial intelligence (AI)’ have been applied to many different types of security system, but without agreement on what AI means. It states that this makes it important to understand that not all solutions are designed to the same standard or deliver equal value.

The new eBook explains some of the differences between conventional ‘blob’ analytics – found in most modern network cameras and relatively prone to false-alarm triggers caused by environmental factors – and more powerful deep learning technologies. These newest generation AI solutions leverage neural networks made up of multiple layers of algorithms and advanced processing, and can be more accurately called ‘intelligent’ video analytics.

Deep learning’s real value comes from its ability to detect events of interest and distinguish these from video data input which is just ‘noise’. But the manufacturer warns that caution is still needed: deep learning video solutions can still disappoint if the engines and algorithms that drive them are not fully trained and able to recognise objects reliably and accurately.

By contrast, Idis states that effective deep learning video analytics can deliver multiple benefits, from preventing ‘alarm overload’ in busy security control rooms, to freeing up personnel resources and enabling security provision to be better focused. Metadata search functions also allow users to benefit from advanced interrogation of single and multiple cameras, speeding up investigations and automatically locating objects or people of interest.

The eBook also outlines how AI video can support efficient return-to-work strategies and ensure Covid-secure facilities and workplaces using analytics for face mask detection, social distancing adherence, people counting and occupancy monitoring. Guidance is also provided for systems integrators, demonstrating how the same functionality will deliver value beyond the pandemic, with benefits such as facilities and workspace optimisation, and actionable insights particularly for the retail and hospitality sectors.

“The best AI offerings today add value for customers by rapidly increasing productivity and efficiency, and providing useful business intelligence,” said James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe. “This new eBook explains how systems integrators can get past the jargon to support end-users, building a compelling business case that both addresses immediate priorities and demonstrates long term return on investment.”

To access the eBook click here.


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