Inner Range promote Andy Reynolds to Manager – Technology Support Services

Inner Range

Inner Range has announced that it has promoted their technical support specialist Andy Reynolds to Manager – Technology Support Services.

Reynolds has been with Inner Range for the past 17 years in a number of technical support roles, but was recently promoted to management level to oversee technology support services.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to step up and take on additional responsibility, ensuring the consistency of service for our installers and making sure we continue delivering the highest levels of support,” Reynolds said. “I’m pleased that the company have that confidence in me and the experience set the stage for my current role.

“As with in other industries, IT has had a good impact on the development of products and solutions, not just in terms of pushing for integration, but also in the move to adopting IP and cloud. I also think IT has had a massive influence on the user-friendliness of products, something that will continue to evolve, making products easier to use.

“Of course, looking ahead, I have to mention AI and its role in making solutions smarter, especially around the use of algorithms to make systems more secure and improving reporting capabilities.”

Meanwhile, Inner Range recently shared at The Security Event 2024 that they have launched their IR Mobile Access solution to the UK and to major European markets.

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