Keeper Security connects with Apple Vision Pro for secure and seamless access


Keeper Security have announced that users can log in to Apple Vision Pro applications with Keeper, providing secure and seamless access to content on the revolutionary new device.

As spatial computing becomes a reality and blends the physical world with virtual experiences, securing this evolving form of computing is critical.

Using Keeper with Apple Vision Pro provides the same login experience and autofill capabilities users know from their mobile devices and computers, ensuring secure access to a user’s preferred applications and websites. Once connected to Apple Vision Pro, KeeperFill automatically fills credentials, enhancing the Apple Vision Pro user experience.

“Apple Vision Pro has ushered in a new era of computing along with a fresh approach to how people interact with technology,” said Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-Founder of Keeper Security. “Keeper is thrilled to be a part of this by providing a seamless, secure and encrypted login experience through our Apple Vision Pro-compatible app.”

Accessing existing logins with Apple Vision Pro is simple. Users can search for Keeper in the App Store, download the app to their device and log in using their Keeper master password.

Business customers can also seamlessly login to Keeper with their single sign-on (SSO) solution. For enhanced security and streamlined usability across all devices, Keeper users can simply set their default password autofill settings to use Keeper instead of iCloud Keychain.

Keeper remains on the cutting edge of streamlined access for all users, on all devices. With the Keeper application for Apple Vision Pro launching in tandem with this new technology, users can maintain the ease of access that Keeper is known for, while embarking on a new adventure with spatial computing.


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