Mayflex becomes Zitko Talent partner

Mayflex becomes Zitko Talent partner

Mayflex has become a strategic partner to Zitko Talent: the training initiative designed to fast-track entry level field engineers into Fire and Security. The 12-month programme offers trainees paid employment from day one, combined with around 300 hours of certified product training and theoretical study towards a Level 3 industry qualification. The product training is tailored to the trainee’s workplace.

Mayflex will be making its full range of courses available to Zitko Talent and working with fellow partners to identify and develop bespoke content. This will include leveraging assets in the digital/networking field.

“With looming skill shortages it’s crucial for the industry to attract and develop its next generation of engineers,” stated Tom Filce, Director of Sales in Security at Mayflex. “Zitko Talent provides us with a solid platform to help achieve this goal, alongside some excellent partners”.

Other launch partners involved in the programme include manufacturers such as LenelS2, Suprema and Eagle Eye Networks and employers such as Northland Controls, Reliance High-Tech and Pafi Ltd. Trainees to-date have included graduates and engineers from other industries. All applicants go through a detailed evaluation process, including state-of-the-art aptitude testing to create a high-quality talent pool.

“The pandemic has significantly affected employment in industries such as aerospace and automotive,” added James Vian, Technical and Training Manager at Mayflex. “Some excellent people are looking for a job. Many others are questioning their future. With Zitko Talent we’re opening the doors wide into our industry.”


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