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Managing risk is something all businesses and organisations have to do. It is rarely an optional nice-to-have. Yet in all the senior roles I have had, I continue to be surprised by how silo-driven many risk assessments are. Individual weaknesses and threats are identified and a series of mitigations are listed, but very rarely is a strategic approach taken. Yet the sheer connectedness and interdependence of systems means that the focus on an individual risk without recognising its collateral impact on others is likely to make those mitigations futile and insufficient. The risk landscape must be looked as a whole. To put it simply what is required is Strategic Risk Management.

That is why I believe that this Institute can make such a huge contribution by promoting good practice in the field, by raising skills, by sharing information and expertise, and above all by promoting the highest level of professionalism in the strategic management of security and risk.

I am immensely proud to have been invited to be President of the ISRM and I look forward to our journey together to make not only our respective organisations better able to respond in a strategic way to the threats and risks they face, but in so doing foster greater societal resilience and ensure that our communities are safer and more secure.

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