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Strengthen your decision making with state of the art emotional intelligence with ValiCor US, LLC

Our core offering “H.E.A.T.”™ facial recognition software uses AI to
bridge the gap between perceived understanding and decisive action

What is ValiCor US?
Whether it is combat, finances or healthcare aide – inaccurate profiling leads to poor decisions regarding treatment, selection and integrity which results in lost time, money, lives and negative outcomes.

ValiCor US uses advanced AI to thoroughly analyze one’s psychological makeup in order to provide a reliable objective information that informs their future actions.

Despite widespread use, current technologies lack a rigorous and effective validation process and have a vulnerable coding system, which results in inaccurate analyses.

In response, ValiCor US developed cutting-edge technology called H.E.A.T, a software application which provides a one of a kind, 360 view of one’s emotional blueprint. This technology brings the required context and intelligence for true accuracy and insight.

How it works
Our 4-step process provides the highest level of validation of an individual’s current emotional blueprint,
which allows you to make better informed decisions than existing tools.

The ValiCor team captures a video of an individual in person, tele-video, or video archives. The video is then uploaded into the H.E.A.T software application.

The H.E.A.T software application processes the video using ValiCor’s proprietary emotional recognition software.

The output of this process is 4 emotional profiles that provide an accurate blueprint of an individual’s emotional makeup

This blueprint allows you to make more sophisticated decisions regarding critical matters such as combat readiness, treatment plans and financial stability.

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