Motorola Solutions announces ‘Safe Hospitals’ ecosystem

With hospitals currently managing a variety of pre-pandemic concerns, such as attempted patient elopement, prescription drug theft, unruly visitors and trespassing, Motorola Solutions has announced its Safe Hospitals solution – a technology ecosystem that combines video, data, analytics and voice technologies.

The aim of Safe Hospitals is to help hospitals proactively manage threats, drive operational efficiencies and create the environment of safety needed to provide the highest level of patient care. US health care system, SSM Health has deployed a Safe Hospitals solution from Motorola Solutions to mitigate complex safety and security risks.

“What sets our security solution apart is the simplicity and speed that come from using technologies that work together,” said Todd Miller, SSM Health Regional Director of Security. “We can move quickly from detection to action to mitigate disruptions to our operations and patient care.

“The benefits of this are felt across the organisation – it gives our security officers more confidence, because they have the right resources in place to do their jobs in a truly professional manner, clinical staff feel more comfortable and safe in the workplace, which leads to greater retention and patient care, and we save time and money by deploying hospital resources efficiently.”

Combining video and analytics, the Safe Hospitals solution can help hospitals analyse events, seamlessly communicate and respond appropriately in any situation. This kind of workflow is created by the hospital in a simple cloud-based platform,  that allows the hospital to tailor how the technologies work together to meet their specific needs. The automation and integration of security technology in this new and meaningful way can be critical in saving minutes and seconds in every incident response.

“Facing complex daily challenges, health care workers can only provide the highest level of care when an environment of safety is certain,” said Sharon Hong, Vice President, Enterprise Technologies, Motorola Solutions. “By creating one connected ecosystem of technologies, our Safe Hospitals solution allows for quick and clear detection and analysis of what is happening on hospital premises, bringing the speed and awareness needed to address concerns and resolve incidents appropriately, helping staff get back to what they do best – taking care of their patients.”


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