NetUtils releases Platinum Tier managed cyber security services

NetUtils has launched what it describes as “the UK’s most advanced and highly integrated managed cyber security service”. The new Platinum Tier service is aimed at helping larger enterprises to improve cyber security defences while reducing operational cost and complexity.

The Platinum Tier offering includes a fully staffed, 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and is backed by NetUtils continued certification around the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards and as a registered Crown Commercial Service supplier. The top tier service offers includes Advanced Endpoint Protection, Vulnerability & Patch Management, Managed Firewalls, Email Security Gateway, Privileged Access Management and Cloud Access Security Broker capabilities. The built-in SOC services reportedly provides full-time security monitoring across devices and applications including Office 365 along with structured Security Awareness Training sessions and ongoing helpdesk service.

“Larger enterprises are faced with the dual challenges of managing more remote staff while still trying to deliver the core IT projects that are critical to the business,” said Ashok Thomas, CEO for NetUtils. “Our Platinum Tier Managed Cyber Security services are based on feedback from several enterprise customers around what they need – and is effectively a formalisation of a number of disparate services that we have been delivering successfully for many years. When you look at the overall cost and especially when you factor in our 24/7 SOC capability, our Platinum service will typically save enterprises with a 1,000 staff or more, hundreds of thousands of pounds each year in operational cyber security costs – with the assurance of transparent SLA’s and round the clock expertise.”

The Platinum Tier also aims to address several challenges that have accelerated due to the ongoing pandemic including critical digitisation projects, reduction in IT budgets and ongoing cyber security skills shortage.

“Our top tier managed security service helps to address the operational challenges and skills retention issues that larger organisations are facing at a time when external factors such as Covid and Brexit are impacting core business processes,” explained David Bundock, COO for NetUtils. “Our technical expertise and ISO compliant processes can help large enterprises improve cyber security though a trusted partnership that allows them to focus on their core business without compromising on active cyber security controls and monitoring.”

NetUtils states that the Platinum tier is available at under £45 per user per month with “significant discounts” for larger organisations.


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