Network Optix: Elevating video data storage to the cloud with Wasabi technologies & DataMotion

Network optix

Network Optix is pleased to introduce a new software plugin that promises the seamless integration of cloud storage with Nx Witness SaaS, developed by DataMotion—a company recognised for its secure data delivery and communication solutions.

Available for download at no cost, the plugin converts any Windows, Linux, or ARM-based camera or server into a cloud-connected system, specifically leveraging the capabilities of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for enhanced security and scalability of video data, Network Optix says.

Elevating video data storage to the Cloud

As the video market continues to evolve towards more agile and serverless solutions, the development of this plugin by DataMotion provides Nx Witness users with a straightforward method to migrate their video data storage to the cloud, bypassing traditional physical storage methods and embracing the flexibility and efficiency of cloud technology.

“With the industry’s move towards serverless architectures, the Nx Software Media Server has enabled users to retain a large enterprise feature set with its ability to run on lightweight edge and camera hardware. The plugin developed by DataMotion offers an easy and efficient way for our users to push their video archives to the cloud instead of the onboard storage.”, James Cox, VP of Business Development, said about the plugin.

Key benefits of the DataMotion plugin:

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Easily manage massive amounts of data by adding cameras and adjusting storage capacities without overhauling the entire system.
  • Security and Reliability: Utilise Wasabi’s secure, SOC2 Type 2 / ISO27001 compliant cloud storage with advanced encryption and access controls.
  • Cost Efficient: Take advantage of our new SaaS licensing model (see below) and Wasabi’s predictable pricing to optimise your total cost of ownership.

This integration highlights the spirit of innovation in the video surveillance industry and Network Optix’s commitment to supporting advancements that empower its customers and integrators,, the company says. The plugin developed by DataMotion, utilising Wasabi Hot Cloud storage, is said to provide Nx Witness users with a scalable, secure, and cost-efficient video data storage solution, aligned with the industry’s move towards cloud adoption and hybrid storage strategies.

The Nx/Wasabi plugin is available only on the Nx Witness SaaS version of the platform, Network Optix says. Officially launching with the release of Gen 6, the Nx Witness subscription licensing model offers customers and partners access to a redesigned architecture optimised for enterprise systems and scalability, continuous updates, and new features from Gen 6 onward. Learn more about our subscription licensing model and upgrade your system today by contacting your local Nx Witness Dealer.

Give Nx Witness and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage a try with a free 30-day trial.

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