Obrela raises £6 million funding for research and development

Following investments from EOS Capital Partners, an EU Backed private equity fund, and LATSCO Family Office, Obrela Security Industries has raised £6 million in funding that will be invested in research and development. The investments will also be used to boost the company’s commercial business units and to carry out small acquisitions, with targets set to grow Obrela’s revenue by 35% in 2021. 

“Our customer’s digital footprint is constantly growing and today it is no longer a case of just securing what lies within an organisation’s walls,” said George Patsis, CEO of Obrela Security Industries. “Today businesses need security across their entire digital universe, from users working from home to cloud applications to operational technology. This is a key differentiator between Obrela and other Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers.

“We can automatically scale to secure new environments as our customers’ estate grows. Obrela has grown consistently and maintained high EBDITDA margin (30%) and profitability ratios. We will use the recent investments to further develop our technology stack and intellectual property and expand our reach across the digital universe, protecting more organisations from new evolving attack vectors.”

“With cybercrime damages projected to cost the world $6 trillion annually this year, organisations are at a greater risk of attack than ever before. Security has never been so critical to an enterprise’s survival, competitive advantage, and ability to maintain stakeholder value as it is today. Organisations need to know they are protected 24/7 against all the attacks they are facing, regardless of where they are coming from and what area of their business they are aimed at. Our mission is to keep our customer’s business in business, and we are on the field as their first line of cyber defence,” continued Patsis.

In addition, Obrela has recently announced two new appointments to its advisory board. The first is the appointment of cyber security industry veteran, Dimi Stratakis, who previously held senior cybersecurity positions within Wells Fargo and UB and the second is Robert Wilkinson, a senior Operational Risk and Information Security professional, and has worked extensively with Fortune 100 companies globally.



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