One Identity integrates with ServiceNow as technology partner

One Identity have joined the ServiceNow Partner Program as a Technology Partner, allowing the company’s Identity Manager to give mutual customers identity with access governance and service management solutions. One Identity’s Identity Manager can be found on the ServiceNow Store and will now ensure controls are in place to meet the ever-stringent security and compliance requirements around user access to sensitive applications.

The Identity Manager Service Catalog integration unlocks value for joint customers by providing a consistent and unified workflow experience for the end-user while gaining the complete compliance and governance features of Identity Manager. End-users can make identity-related requests through a familiar service catalog, either in Identity Manager or in ServiceNow. 

  • Users have a “one-stop-shop” with a consistent and unified interface to increase security and ease of management 
  • ServiceNow is enhanced with Identity Manager governance platform for compliance and security controls
  • Joint customers can leverage ServiceNow’s ability to code-lessly automate workflows and approvals to enable organisations to improve the customer experience, accelerate service delivery and reduce operational costs

“Regularly evolving security and compliance requirements are a major challenge for businesses across the board, and businesses are looking for solutions that can provide that governance over IT,” said Bhagwat Swaroop, President and General Manager at One Identity.

“This integration enables our joint customers to address some of their biggest challenges when it comes to identity governance including access governance to manually provisioned requests, closed-loop auditing of ticket requests, and the creation of service-desk tickets and oversight when it comes to governance and management.”

The integration with ServiceNow Service Catalog enables organisations to charge forward with their digital transformation and deliver a wide range of products and services through a modern and user‑friendly storefront. Users can request company resources such as applications, system roles, or group membership as well as non-IT resources such as mobile telephones or keys directly from ServiceNow.

The integration also provides governance over IT requests, by ensuring that clear audit trails and controls are in place to meet security and compliance requirements. This allows organisations that have standardised on ServiceNow as their preferred request platform to benefit from the enhanced features offered within Identity Manager. Users can raise resource requests in ServiceNow with the fulfillment being handled by One Identity Manager. Governance is provided to the request process by providing a flexible policy-based approval process that supports approval workflows and separation of duty (SoD) policy checks. 

“Businesses are looking for solutions to stringent compliance and governance regulations, critical to ensuring security,” said Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst of KuppingerCole Analysts AG. “A solution to these pain points that provides a seamless experience for users of both One Identity’s Identity Manager and ServiceNow helps to ensure there is a consistent and unified experience, resulting in stronger security across the board.” 

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