OSSA to present at GSX 2021, Orlando

The Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) is set to present at GSX 2021 later this month from 27-29 September in Orlando, Florida, US.

OSSA member companies embrace the Alliance’s philosophy to open up the safety and security category. Within OSSA, (device and component) manufacturers, (VMS) software developers, system integrators, SoC manufacturers and app developers are working together to solve common industry issues, therewith enabling innovation and increasing market and business opportunities. 

This results in the formation of a virtually frictionless, platform-based Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem where harmonised, open, and trustworthy devices allow for flexible and fit-for-purpose add-on innovation from third parties.

Industry leaders already are bringing to market “Driven by OSSA” devices, which can be seamlessly used in combination with third-party software applications through an online app store by OSSA member company Security & Safety Things. This forum is one of several building blocks of IoT infrastructure specified by OSSA – in support of uniting demand and supply in this open market. 

OSSA-inspired technologies will be discussed at the following booths:

Founding member Bosch Building Technologies – Booth 1315Experience some of the first “Driven by OSSA” products based on the INTEOX open camera platform. Read the announcement here

Founding member Hanwha Techwin – Booth 1641: Powerful security camera and surveillance solutions that evolve with customer needs. 

Member Johnson Controls Security Products – Booth 1541:Reimagining the performance of buildings to serve people, places and the planet. 

Founding member Milestone Systems – Booth 1133: Enabling an open platform community to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency.

Member Prosegur – Booth 2141: Helping companies large and small solve security challenges through surveillance video systems, remote monitoring and cybersecurity services. 

To learn more about OSSA membership, follow the Alliance’s activities here.


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