Outpost24 CORE delivers complete visibility of technology assets and threat exposure


Outpost24 have announced the release of Outpost24 CORE, a unified exposure management solution that gives visibility and real-time insights into an organisation’s IT asset inventory and their threat exposure across the entire attack surface.

With the threat of cyberattacks at all-time high, exposure management is now a business problem impacting the bottom line. CISOs are increasingly challenged to demonstrate results from their security programs and investment to get executive buy in. There is a great deal at stake. The US Securities and Exchange Commission recently notified executives involved in the 2020 SolarWinds attack that they may be investigated.

“Raising awareness in the C-suite and connecting cybersecurity with business outcome has never been more critical. No matter the size of the organisation or what industry, every board and C-level discussion of security initiatives is driven by business impact. We’ve developed Outpost24 CORE to provide unified asset inventory and exposure insights, so that CISOs and executive leaders can be confident they are deploying security resources in the best possible way to protect their organisation from the biggest risks,” said Brendan Hogan, Chief Strategy Officer, Outpost24.

According to the most recent IBM Cost of a Data Breach report, for 83% of companies, it’s not if a data breach will happen, but when. Usually more than once. The report found the average cost of a data breach to be a staggering $9.44 million.

Outpost24 CORE provides actionable insight of an organisation’s asset exposure, comprising not only infrastructure but application and user risk.

This innovative exposure management solution consolidates siloed vulnerability and threat intelligence data from different assessment tools into a single view, with a quantitative risk grading to help security teams understand, monitor and report on the progress and efficacy of their risk mitigation activities based on the likelihood of exploitation and business criticality.

It also allows organisations to easily group their IT assets and drill down on how risks are controlled and mitigated across different technologies and business units to inform security resource and investment decisions.

Outpost24 CORE combines five important features that are fundamental to a successful Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) program, identified by Gartner as a top cybersecurity trend for 2023:

Unified asset inventory for complete visibility
Consolidated vulnerability data and their threat exposure
Threat intelligence powered vulnerability prioritisation engine
Business impact analysis and logic mapping
External Attack Surface Management, following the recent acquisition of Sweepatic, for control and visibility over all assets exposed on the Internet


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