Parallel Wireless and SUSE partner up

Parallel Wireless

Parallel Wireless have announced a partnership with SUSE, to integrate its Adaptive Telco Infrastructure Platform (SUSE ATIP) into its ecosystem.

This will allow Parallel Wireless GreenRAN solutions to flexibly manage, optimise, and process data securely, while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for network operators.

Compared to traditional coding environments and VM setups, Kubernetes offers superior scalability, resource efficiency, and automation capabilities, making it a preferred choice for modern, cloud-native application development and deployment.

SUSE ATIP builds on this by providing not only Kubernetes, but all the additional components needed to deliver and manage telco-optimised infrastructure around it.

This has enabled Parallel Wireless to successfully enable its Radio Access Network (RAN) functionality, including the virtualized Baseband Unit (vBBU) encompassing Central Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU), the near Real-Time Radio Intelligent Controller (RIC), the Service Management and Orchestration (SMO), along with all supporting computing resources, to be deployed with Kubernetes-based platform technology.

This transformative shift enables Open RAN-based solutions to seamlessly operate on both traditional bare-metal servers or in the cloud, tailored to meet diverse use-case requirements.

“The partnership with SUSE is not merely transactional, but strategic, allowing us to rapidly scale between DU hardware platforms, in order to perfectly match to the service providers’ needs,” said Netanel Gabizon, Chief Product Officer at Parallel Wireless. “Combined with our ZTP (zero-touch provisioning), we will be able to deploy and maintain large-scale deployments very efficiently.”

This alliance comes on top of and supports Parallel Wireless’ diversified hardware and chipset portfolio and opens up its solutions support to a leading cloud and Kubernetes platform. The result is a substantial TCO reduction for end customers, a wider selection of platform implementation options, and unprecedented deployment flexibility.

“Parallel Wireless’s Open RAN innovations are reimagining the way the mobile data industry has operated for the past 15-plus years,” said Thomas Di Giacomo, Chief Technology and Product Officer at SUSE. “SUSE is pleased to be part of strengthening the rollout of these cutting-edge cellular technologies and provide businesses and individuals with greater capabilities to meet the demands of business today and tomorrow.

“Partnerships like this go hand in hand with our work in initiatives like Project Sylva to help build more flexible and agile networks for Operators.” 


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