Patriot One releases security alert mobile app

Patriot One Technologies has released Alert Center, a remote-access solution that enables security alert orchestration and delivery via a mobile app. Alert Center extends the functionality and flexibility of Patriot One’s PATSCAN weapons- and threat-detection platform, providing a broad set of options for security operations teams to design security processes to match their business models.

This addition to the PATSCAN portfolio reportedly enables easy alert configurations and automatically alerts anyone, anywhere individually or in targeted security groups about security incidents or issues within stadiums, casinos and other entertainment venues, so they can respond quickly and effectively.

Patriot One’s PATSCAN platform uses sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to scan for guns and other weapons accurately and unobtrusively at entry points to facilities, and also to identify disturbances and other safety issues both outside and inside of facilities using AI-based video surveillance. “Alert Center operationalizes our AI detection technology by automatically alerting and informing guards on a mobile app when issues are detected,” said Patriot One CEO Peter Evans.

“Alert Center provides flexibility for security organisations to design alerting functions that optimise security staffing and response time. It also extends beyond alerting solely at the venue entrance, allowing sharing of critical information and intelligence across key security staff and stakeholders, wherever they are.”

Evans added that the flexibility of Alert Center also provides the option to eliminate the need for guards to perform video monitoring and other back-office functions so they can get out from behind the desk and instead perform higher-value activities out in the venue. Patriot One’s AI automates those back-office functions by conducting continuous monitoring, and automatically identifying and escalating situations to the right personnel.

When guards receive an alert, the mobile app indicates the reason for the alert (“Fight,” “Weapon Detected,” “Gun Detected,” “Threat Detected,” etc.) along with an image confirming the issue. They also have the option to view real-time video that gives them up-to-the-moment situational intelligence. This functionality also can be applied to operational considerations that impact the patron experience, such as identifying long lines at concession stands, spills in hallways, etc.

“In a time of chronic security staff shortages, Alert Center digitally empowers security staff members so they can be in the right place at the right time at all times,” Evans added. “This means venues can meet today’s business mandate to deliver better security and a superior patron experience, without having to hire armies of additional people.”

For more on the PATSCAN Alert Center, please visit: PATSCAN™ PLATFORM – Patriot One Technologies Inc.


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