Radio Physics win Prosegur Innovation Challenge 2020

Radio Physics has won the security category in Prosegur’s “COME IN”, open innovation programme. From amongst the more than 190 start-ups from 33 different countries, the winning companies will receive support from the different units at Prosegur, Spain’s top security multinational, to develop and implement their projects worldwide

Concealed threat detection specialist, Radio Physics, won the security category of the challenge aimed at finding security solutions with non-invasive methods for busy spaces or events. The winning proposal comprised Radio Physics’, Optracon concealed threat detection solution, a sensor system that uses a combination of radar, VCA, LiDAR and machine learning for the remote detection of hidden threats such as weapons or explosive devices.

“We are looking forward to forging a strong relationship with Prosegur,” said Radio Physics CCO Mark Pritchard. “Working together using our state-of-the-art threat detection solution, Optracon, and Prosegur’s global reach to develop and implement our solutions worldwide, in collaboration with Prosegur’s business units and their customers.”

“The excellent response to the programme highlights the impetus of the start-up ecosystem,” added Prosegur’s Director of Innovation, José Daniel García Espinel. “Their talent, combined with the enormous potential of Prosegur’s technological innovation, have turned future security challenges into real projects that will reinvent the way we protect our environment.” Furthermore, he referred to collaborative models as “in combination with Prosegur’s international experience and projection, the formula for success to incorporate the external talent of start-ups and accelerate the “go to market” process, thus revolutionising the security sector.”

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