Reconeyez Keypad for simplified site access

Reconeyez Keypad

Reconeyez, a provider of innovative outdoor security solutions, is proud to present the Reconeyez Keypad, a wireless device designed to simplify on-site security management.

Specifically engineered for arming and disarming the Reconeyez security system, the Keypad is said to offer a host of features designed to enhance security and streamline control, making it ideal for construction sites and other environments where frequent access management is essential.

Key Features for Enhanced Control

The Reconeyez Keypad is a versatile control hub with a range of key features:

● On-Site Arm & Disarm: Simplify security management with easy on-site arming and disarming of Reconeyez detectors.

● Centralized Control: Manage multiple devices from a single Keypad, including the ability to exclude specific devices as needed.

● Remote Control via Reconeyez Cloud: Harness the power of Reconeyez Cloud to remotely control the Keypad, adjust security settings, add users and individual passwords, monitor battery status, or exclude specific detectors.

● Effortless User PIN Sharing: Share access effortlessly by sending PIN codes via email. Generate unlimited unique user PIN codes to conveniently distribute among authorized personnel.

The new Keypad allows you to suspend users or disable PIN codes to grant temporary access when needed, ensuring maximum security control. The admin can also track user activity by keeping a close eye on user actions and being aware of who armed or disarmed the site using their individual code.

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