Secure Logiq plants its first trees

Following the announcement last year that Secure Logiq was taking positive action to reduce its environmental impact by joining, members of the manufacturer’s team have been busy planting the first trees in the Secure Logiq forest.

Secure Logiq has made the commitment that for every server it sells it will plant a tree, and the first stage of delivering on this promise took place on 22/02/2022 with a mass planting event in Ireland. Secure Logiq Sales Director, Ben Yoxall and Product Manager Rob Lay joined other CoolPartners at Cloudforest 3 to plant more than 30 Secure Logiq trees at the site.

“Our first planting day has been a brilliant experience for Rob and myself,” said Yoxall. “We’ve had a great time with the other CoolPartners, and it has been wonderful to see the support this initiative has from within the security industry.”

The start of the Secure Logiq forest saw the planting of native trees such as Oak, Rowan, Birch and Alder. These were planted using the Miyawaki Method which provides carbon sequestration up to ten times higher than conventional techniques. The honour of planting the first tree in the Secure Logiq forest fell to Lay.

“The planting of our first trees is an important step in helping Secure Logiq to live up to its environmental promises,” said Lay. “This forest and all the trees that we will continue to plant in the coming years will help us to offset the carbon that Secure Logiq produces as a business and reduce the impact that our company has on the environment.”

Secure Logiq’s partnership with provides a verifiable nature-based solution to offset the carbon emissions created by the business as it looks to move first to net zero and then on to becoming carbon negative.

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