Security on Screen teams with FIA to support Ukraine

Following IFSEC this month, Security on Screen (SOS) would like to thank all those involved with the working group that was started up in an effort to support and raise awareness for the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine.

While it was good to see several individuals pledging their support, we noticed that the response from the security industry, as a whole, has been muted so far. Companies seem to be afraid of committing support which could be due to; lack of awareness regarding what to do, fear of upsetting sensitive business relationships, fear of damaging brand image or declining awareness of the severity of the current situation.

To help boost the working group initiative further, SOS has undertaken a promotional campaign with the Fire Industry Association (FIA) to build security industry donations, ultimately providing long-term support for Ukraine from a humanitarian point of view. Intended to be a long term programme rather than a flash in the pan, the campaign hopes that if medium to large industry players are persuaded to be involved, others will follow.

The FIA is already well underway in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including fire engines donations and sponsoring individuals to work full time to co-ordinate their initiative. They have also developed strong links with the UK government to help overcome the bureaucracy – enabling the aid received to be rapidly despatched to where it is most needed.

With additional media support from SOS, the partnership hopes to spread the word of the campaign across the security sector. Peter Mawson, Founder of Security on Screen, comments: “It is imperative that we see more individuals offering to talk to their relevant organisations and members of commercial industries and trade associations about this incredibly vital issue. We hope the working group continues to spread the word of the ongoing support needed in Ukraine.”

Proceeds collected will go to two charities:


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