Secury360 offer thoughts as European Parliament approve AI act

In a major development in artificial intelligence, the European Parliament has overwhelmingly approved the Artificial Intelligence Act. This makes Europe the first region in the world to introduce specific regulations to regulate the impact of AI technology.

Secury360‘s CEO Frederick Jacobs was interviewed about this historic event and gave his views on the new legislation – you can see the video interview both below and here.

A milestone for regulation around AI

With the adoption of the Artificial Intelligence Act, the European Union is sending a strong signal that they are serious about regulating artificial intelligence.

Establishing clear guidelines and standards is crucial in an era when AI technology is playing an increasing role in our daily lives. Europe is taking the lead and setting the standard for other countries and regions worldwide.

Increased security and transparency

One of the main goals of the Artificial Intelligence Act is to ensure safety and transparency in the use of artificial intelligence. The new regulations impose strict requirements on AI systems considered “high risk,” such as autonomous vehicles, facial recognition systems and certain medical applications.

These systems must meet high security standards and be subject to independent audits. In addition, users must be notified when they are dealing with AI technology to ensure greater transparency and accountability.

Secury360 thoughts

As CEO of Secury360, Frederick Jacobs has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. In the VRT News interview, he expressed his agreement with the introduction of clear guidelines for AI technology.

According to Jacobs, the new rules provide an important framework to manage the risks associated with AI and increase user and consumer confidence.

He also stressed that it is essential that companies and organisations take the necessary steps to ensure the security and privacy of AI systems.

Implications for industry and innovation

While the Artificial Intelligence Act is intended to ensure security and transparency, it also has implications for the AI industry and innovation in Europe. It is important that regulations strike a balance between protection and encouraging technological progress. Creating an enabling environment for innovation is essential to keep Europe competitive on the global stage.


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