SeeMetrics launches cybersecurity Governance Boards


SeeMetrics have launched its latest development: Governance Boards. This product feature launch comes in anticipation of the NIST CSF 2.0 framework expansion, which introduces the new Govern function.   

The new NIST Govern function is aimed at monitoring organisations’ cybersecurity risk management strategy, expectations, and policy. The six categories listed under Govern correlate with SeeMetrics’ approach to Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM), focused on granting a panoramic oversight to the CISO and CISO’s team.

With these boards, which are out-of-the-box (OOTB) collections of ready-to-use metrics, security leaders will manage their policies, processes, and KPIs driven by organisational context and a clear connection between risk and business strategy. 

The Governance Boards will initially be comprised of three boards needed in order to govern effectively, with each board providing a different point of view on policies:

  • CISO Lay of the Land Board – The primary purpose of this board is to provide security decision-makers with a rapid and intuitive understanding of overall system performance, enabling informed and timely responses to safeguard the organisation. It’s a dashboard that shows CISOs the current state of security operations at a glance, backed by a comprehensive analysis of the entire operations. It collects the relevant data and metrics from different boards representing various security programs, offering a visual representation of what really matters. Serving as a snapshot of the organisation’s security landscape for the CISO to look at every morning, this board offers a high-level view, tracking and analysing trends against key performance indicators (KPIs). 
  • CISO Policy Enforcement Board – A centralised dashboard designed to oversee and enforce a cohesive set of policies that are currently most important for the CISO to track on a daily basis. This board is an assembly of key metrics from various security domains such as security awareness and endpoint protection. The CISO Policy Enforcement Board plays a crucial role in ensuring that organisational policies are consistently applied, helping to mitigate risks and enhance security posture across the entire enterprise. Coupled with SeeMetrics’ customisations capabilities, each CISO can easily adapt the board on an ongoing basis as their priorities change. 
  • NIST Functions Dedicated Board – This board corresponds with all of the NIST functions, providing a systematic approach to cybersecurity management. The board serves as an organised platform where relevant information, processes, and metrics are categorized based on the corresponding NIST function. Each board is designed to streamline and guide activities related to that specific function. The NIST Functions Dedicated Board facilitates a comprehensive and structured implementation of cybersecurity measures. By breaking down the NIST functions into a dedicated board, organisations can effectively govern, as NIST CSF 2.0 suggests.

“Introducing the Governance Boards underscores our strong commitment to proactive and strategic cybersecurity governance,” says Shirley Salzman, CEO and Co-Founder of SeeMetrics. “By building these dedicated boards we are providing CISOs with a new kind of automated oversight that previously took too much time and resources to achieve.

“We are taking on the work of identifying what needs to be measured and the long, tedious process behind it. By automating it we are freeing up the CISO’s time and resources while also giving them a new layer of knowledge.” 

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