SnapDragon adds image detection to its DIY brand to help businesses identify trademark infringements

SnapDragon Monitoring has announced new features for its self-service brand protection solution, Swoop, which helps protect businesses of all sizes against counterfeits and brand infringements.

SnapDragon’s Delphic Vision is the latest upgrade to the Swoop AI brand protection assistant. Its machine learning-based relevancy engine is now capable of performing logo detection for customers.  Regardless of the source, be it eCommerce marketplaces, social media, or independent websites, customers can immediately identify listings using their logo with Delphic and work to have them taken down before they dupe consumers.

“Delphic Vision gives brands wanting DIY brand protection the opportunity to identify misuse (or even proper use) of their logo marks on products being sold on ecommerce platforms in a fraction of the time taken using manual effort,” said Kieron Smith, CTO of SnapDragon Monitoring. “This is all part of SnapDragon’s plan to democratise online brand protection for all.”

Today, counterfeiting is a huge business that targets all industries, and recent estimates revealed that over £13.6 billion worth of fake goods were imported into Britain in 2020, which resulted in lost sales to legitimate businesses worth £9 billion. Fraudsters will often bank on the success of coveted products, making their own cheaper alternatives in a bid to trick consumers into purchases. The consequences of this not only cause loss in sales, but genuine brands come directly in the firing line for not doing more to protect customers against this illegal and dangerous trade.

Swoop is a cost-effective, subscription-based platform to help identify and take down counterfeits. The platform can be used by organisations as a DIY service where it scans ecommerce sites to find suspect listings, so the user can then tag by infringement type, and prioritise for removal.

“Counterfeits are a huge problem for businesses today and they put genuine brands and reputations at risk. Not only are products made cheaply, but they will also often contain toxic materials which can impact people’s health and safety. Traditionally brand protection has been geared towards bigger businesses, but in reality counterfeits affect companies of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are a global enterprise, or a small boutique retailer, if you have developed a product, you hold the rights to its ownership and fraudsters should never get away with banking on your success, while also damaging your brand,” continued Smith.

Swoop is powered by AI-enhanced algorithms to find copycat products online and it allows organisations to prioritise reporting and take downs by threat level. Once fakes have been found, the organisation simply has to contact the site asking for it to be removed. SnapDragon Monitoring also offers a managed service where takedowns can be handled by their team of dedicated brand specialists.

“We believe our self-service offering makes brand protection accessible to everyone, providing smaller and mid-sized businesses with more confidence that their IP is protected against fraudsters. Sadly, counterfeits plague the internet but with every fake product taken down by Swoop, we are one step closer to making the online world a safer place for consumers,” added Smith.


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