Thales unveils double-sided ID card reader

Thales has launched the Gemalto Intelligent Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400i, a product it describes as the world’s only double-sided ID card reader and the first to be able to examine ID cards or driving licenses in the cloud in less than four seconds.

The manufacturer states that its reader protects businesses from fraud and forgery thanks to sophisticated mechanisms for superior document authentication. The “i” version permits multiple intelligent readers to be centrally connected via Wi-Fi for organisations that need to deploy a fleet of readers. The compact device can also be set up, managed and serviced remotely.

To use the device, a user inserts their ID card into the reader which reads both sides of the card simultaneously. Once this action is complete, a LED changes from blue to green and the ID is ejected and returned to its owner with no physical interaction between the user and operator.

“At Thales we are committed to bring both convenience and security to the ID verification process. With the new double-sided reader the user experience is smooth while the service provider can fight ID fraud benefitting from a flexible and easy-to-integrate solution,” said James MacLean Director of Document Reading Solutions at Thales. “In addition, the Covid-19 context has brought new challenges that Thales’ intelligent ID card reader answers with its touch-free feature.”




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