BRINC now shipping Lemur 2 across the US


Drone specialist BRINC has announced that it is now shipping its Lemur 2 drone to public safety agencies across the United States, after not only ramping up production, but making improvements to this latest model, bringing it up from “good to exceptional”.

According to the company, this time to complete improvements ‘has been crucial for the BRINC engineers to take something that was good and turn into something exceptional”, as the company identified several aspects that, “once optimised, would significantly extend the drone’s operational usefulness and boost its performance in critical scenarios — a must, considering that first responders depend on the piece of kit when every second is vital”.

Improvements and new features include two additional autonomy sensors, five times more computing power, a louder audio system, superior antennas, and an advanced cooling system. Additionally, the company has introduced USB-C charging, integrated Remote ID, higher-capacity battery cells, and a redesigned prop guard made of durable carbon fiber. The package is rounded off with a refined software ecosystem, improving both controller elements and live streaming capabilities. And that’s just the beginning, BRINC says.

New Sensors for Enhanced Flight Performance

The drone specialist knows that achieving accurate position holding in dynamic, zero-light, and GPS-denied environments is a formidable challenge. The upgraded autonomy system makes the Lemur 2 incredibly user-friendly. Operators can confidently take their hands off the controls, knowing the drone will maintain its position.

To bolster this feature, the company has integrated an additional tracking camera, night vision illuminator, and downward LIDAR sensor into the drone. These additions significantly enhance the feed to our autonomy engine, boosting the reliability of the drone’s position hold, especially in challenging edge-case scenarios.

Improved Computing Power

To keep pace with the increased data from its expanded sensor suite, BRINC has significantly upgraded the computing hardware in the LEMUR 2. The heart of these enhancements is a new flight computer chipset, which boasts five times the processing power of its predecessor. This increase isn’t just about handling current tasks more efficiently; it’s about future-proofing the Lemur 2. With this new chipset, the new drone can process complex data faster, ensuring smoother and more reliable flight control, even in the most demanding situations.

Lemur 2 also features a revamped cooling solution. Keeping the more powerful hardware at optimal temperatures, meaning the drone can maintain peak performance without the risk of overheating, even in unfavorable outdoor conditions.

Built LEMUR Tough

Just like the original Lemur, the Lemur 2 is designed for durability. BRINC says that while the new propeller guards may appear slimmer, they’re incredibly robust, thanks to their pure carbon fiber construction. They strike an impressive balance: being 10 times lighter than previous designs, but maintaining durability.

It also retains TURTLE mode, allowing operators to flip the drone back over if it gets overturned, ensuring reliability in any situation.

The BRINC Software Ecosystem

While BRINC is traditionally celebrated for robust hardware, the company is thrilled to unveil its new, sleek, and powerful software companions for the LEMUR 2. This suite includes the BRINC Pilot software on our remote controller and the BRINC LiveOps streaming and management software, accessible from any web browser.

BRINC Pilot: The goal was to streamline both design and functionality, ensuring critical information is clear, concise, and swiftly accessible. A standout feature is the enhanced 2D Realtime Floorplan function, where the brand has developed a unique algorithm. This algorithm expertly filters out common noise and compresses varying altitudes of LiDAR data into a single, coherent floorplan. “Moreover, we’ve equipped pilots with extensive adjustment options, perfect for navigating unique structures or emphasizing specific details with the LiDAR data”.

Below is a look at BRINC’s new and improved mapper UI. Click the image to see a video of it in action.

BRINC LiveOps: This cutting-edge web application lets officers or command staff access valuable data from a Lemur 2 fleet in real-time, enhancing both operational oversight and post-mission analysis. Thanks to its compatibility with any modern browser and seamless integration with the drone’s built-in cellular modem, LiveOps makes critical mission data more accessible than ever for informed decision-making. While we’re continuously refining LiveOps, below is a sneak peek at its capabilities with two browser instances on a widescreen computer, illustrating LiveOps’ utility during extensive deployments. The potential for enhancing situational awareness and strategic planning in large-scale operations is immense.

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