TouchPoint acquires Morse Watchmans

TouchPoint acquires Morse Watchmans

Morse Watchmans, has been acquired by TouchPoint, a privately-held company focused on engineered products in growth markets where the touch point is a differentiating factor.

Following the acquisition, Morse Watchmans will join TouchPoint’s Intelligent Inventory Management platform. This portion of the company focuses on developing inventory management solutions that enable the secure, accurate and efficient management of consumable inventory and high value assets in a variety of end markets.

“This acquisition is great for Morse Watchmans and creates incredible opportunity moving forward,” said Tim Purpura, Morse Watchmans, VP of Global Sales & Marketing. “TouchPoint offers us the resources and scope to grow Morse Watchmans and has strong synergies between our now sister companies!

“We are thrilled to become a part of the TouchPoint portfolio, which will help us to drive value to a greater audience through our key and asset management solutions,” he continued. “Asset management is a fast-growing segment of the security market, and we will continue to develop innovative technology solutions that serve this segment.”


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