Vemotion launch ‘real-time’ web browser video sharing tool


Vemotion has launched a new Web Viewer, which has been designed specifically to enable the sharing of secure video via a web browser.

Viewable via a fully embeddable iFrame, the new Vemotion Web Viewer supports a wide range of popular web browsers, enabling live video direct from surveillance cameras to be viewed on any PC, tablet, mobile or Smart TV device.

Vemotion claim the Web Viewer has extremely low latency, which means that video is live and synchronised automatically, allowing the display of a single or multiple camera view, across multiple screens – acting as a video wall without the need to be connected to a PC.

In addition to the administrative and management advantages of access to security video across a range of devices, users can share secure links to enable private video feeds to be viewed with authorised access to one, or any number of users via an encrypted link.

This viewing technology is ideal to support the security of events or incident management, where live video feeds can be reliably shared with multiple agencies such as an event management or security team.

In operation, the company states that the Vemotion Web Viewer can be used to extend the monitoring of live video for any security CCTV solution, where reliable encrypted video transmission can be safely used for Police, military and transportation applications, as well as for remote industrial surveys, to save engineering time onsite – and all viewable on any device via a web browser.

“With its ultra-low latency streams, Vemotion’s new Web Viewer delivers live video from a camera-to-browser quite literally within the ‘blink of an eye’, supplying video from a surveillance camera, mobile phone or drone, for a myriad of operational applications, without the requirement for specialist video software or hardware.” explains Steve Haworth, CEO at Vemotion. “Plus, installers can now easily add value to existing installations, with Vemotion’s Web Viewer providing better operational intelligence using easy video distribution and deployment to remote users via a secure and easy to share iFrame web link.”

To view a live iFrame demonstration, please visit:

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