Wavestore on enhancing museum security and the crucial role of VMS


Electronic security solutions specialist, Wavestore on the importance and the transformative benefits of video management systems (VMS), along with integrated analytics, which it sees as a key part of the solution for advanced museum security.

Advanced security in museums

In the evolving world of museum management, Wavestore believes that prioritising the safety of artifacts and enhancing visitor experiences are critical goals. The introduction of advanced technologies, particularly video management systems (VMS) with integrated analytics, marks a significant advancement in museum security. These systems go beyond traditional security measures, providing a comprehensive approach to safeguarding museum assets while improving operational efficiency.

The Pivot to New Technology

By moving away from traditional security measures based on human effort reviewing video and basic asset tracking using RFID, museums are now equipped to tackle challenges with a blend of efficiency and innovation by using a VMS enhanced with the optimum integrations and video analytics. This transition marks a significant evolution in how museums approach their dual role of being both guardians of history and dynamic spaces for public engagement

The transformative benefits of VMS and analytics

  1. Enhanced Artifact Security. Advanced VMS equipped with analytics revolutionizes traditional security protocols. It provides real-time monitoring and intelligent threat detection, ensuring the highest level of protection for irreplaceable museum artifacts.
  2. Optimising Visitor Flow and Experience. One of the key advantages of VMS in a museum setting is its ability to manage visitor flow effectively. Through real-time congestion alerts and the analysis of crowd heatmaps, VMS helps in identifying and alleviating crowded areas, ensuring a smoother visitor experience. This intelligent management of visitor traffic not only enhances safety but also contributes to a more enjoyable and less congested museum environment.
  3. Enriched Perimeter Protection and Access Control. VMS technologies significantly strengthen perimeter security and access control in museums. By actively monitoring and controlling access points, they ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive areas, offering a robust defense against potential security breaches.
  4. Operational Efficiency and Staff Training. VMS streamlines various operational aspects of museum management. The data gathered by these systems is invaluable for sharing best practices, assisting in staff training, and ensuring safety. By providing insights into customer hotspots and potential security concerns, staff can be better prepared to handle a range of situations, from routine operations to emergency responses.

Consequences of Non-Adoption

Failing to embrace video analytics can have several consequences for museums:

  • Increased Vulnerability to Theft and Vandalism: Without advanced monitoring, museums remain susceptible to increasingly sophisticated criminal activities.
  • Operational Inefficiencies: Relying on outdated security systems can lead to increased manpower costs and less effective threat detection.
  • Compromised Visitor Experience: Inadequate security measures can result in intrusive or disruptive experiences for visitors, potentially affecting the museum’s reputation and visitor numbers.
  • Inadequate Security Responses: The absence of real-time monitoring can result in slower and less effective responses to security incidents

‍Case Study: Victoria and Albert Museum

The implementation of Wavestore’s VMS at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London underscores the transformative impact of video analytics. The system not only enhanced security but also seamlessly integrated with the museum’s existing infrastructure, ensuring both artifact safety and a positive visitor experience.


The integration of video analytics into museum security is not just a technological upgrade; it is a strategic imperative. As demonstrated by forward-thinking institutions like the Victoria and Albert Museum, embracing this technology is critical in protecting our cultural heritage in the 21st century. Museums worldwide should view this as a call to action, a step towards a future where the past is preserved with the best that modern technology has to offer.

This technology represents a holistic approach to museum management, addressing security, visitor flow, and operational challenges. To discover more about how Wavestore can transform your museum’s security and efficiency, watch our video or book a demo at wavestore.com/demo.

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