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Wavestore, a provider of highly secure open-platform video management software, will be present this year’s ISC West show, taking place April 9-12 at the Venetian Expo, Las Vegas. The brand will offer live demonstrations of its solutions, and attendees will also be the first to learn all about its expansion plans for the North American market. In this exclusive interview with Senior Vice President, Kim Loy, we hear more about the company’s plan for the show.

Why is ISC West an important show for you?

KL: “ISC West is an important event for us as it brings together major players and stakeholders in one place. This event allows us to exhibit our products, connect with industry peers, customers and potential customers, and stay updated on emerging trends and technologies.”

What can visitors expect from you at the show?

KL: “Attendees will experience our video management solutions designed to enhance their security infrastructure.”

Why should they visit your stand?

KL: “Attendees should visit our stand for a firsthand experience of our video management solutions and to meet the Wavestore team. We will be providing live demonstrations and provide expert guidance on how to build a solution that fits specific application requirements.”

Can we expect any announcements from you at the show?

KL: “Wavestore is excited to announce its expansion in the North American market at ISC West. Attendees are invited to visit our stand and be among the first to learn about our latest developments and initiatives.”

How are you finding the current market in North America, compared to the UK, EU and Middle East?

KL: “The physical security market in North America is different from other regions like the UK, EU and the Middle East. It presents unique opportunities and challenges that require innovative solutions. The North America market places a strong emphasis on technological advancements, regulatory compliance, and addressing emerging threats. Although each region has its distinct characteristics and market dynamics, we remain committed to providing exceptional value to our customers worldwide by leveraging our expertise, adaptability, and customer-centric approach.”

What do you feel you are offering that sets you apart from your competitors?

KL: “We prioritise innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, and our commitment to exceptional customer service guarantees a seamless experience for our clients.”

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

KL: “We are anticipating the chance to interact with our industry colleagues, customers and potential clients. We hope to engage in a productive exchange of ideas, share valuable insights, and establish meaningful connections. We are thrilled to showcase our products and receive feedback from stakeholders. Additionally, we are excited to explore potential partnerships that will drive mutual success within the industry.”

Wavestore will share a stand with facial recognition platform for touchless access control, authentication, and live video applications specialist SAFR – stand #22067

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