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Immix Protect

Immix Protect announces additional features in YourSix integration update

In an effort to strengthen its partnership and create a more robust monitoring experience for customers, Immix Protect has enhanced the YourSix integration to include additional features. According to Immix Protect, the integration will more seamlessly incorporate multi-sensor cameras, allowing for further flexibility to monitor each individual sensor. Multi-sensor cameras are on the rise as

Alibi Vigilant

Immix Protect announced integration update for Alibi Vigilant

Immix Protect is pleased to announce the integration of Alibi Vigilant Recorders and Cameras for the Immix CS/GF platforms Alibi Security is a trusted provider of security technology, cloud solutions, and growth enablement services – serving a nationwide network of Security Dealers and System Integrators for over 30 years. Alibi offers dedicated account management, unlimited


CONXTD integration now available for Immix users

Immix Protect has revealed that its users are able to benefit from CONXTD integration, which is now available. CONXTD serves as the route into Immix for alarm panels and translates data from multiple alarm & security inputs into powerfully interactive dashboards and automated reporting tools. According to Immix, CONXTD saves you and your team time


Immix introduces AutoPatrol

Immix has introduced AutoPatrol, a new automated solution for scheduled patrols or guard tours which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect threats or scene anomalies, without the need for a physical central station or SOC operator to manually perform the patrol. In the event that an anomaly is detected, the AutoPatrol and video analysis will

Immix Protect

The Big Interview – Immix CEO Chris Brown

Immix is a leading software company developing solutions to improve the user’s ability to manage and respond to security events by creating an intuitive, easy to use software integration platform. Immix’s mission is to provide a common platform connecting different systems, and it now integrates with over 500 of the top security products and systems

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks and Immix integration delivers professional video monitoring

Eagle Eye Networks have announced a technology integration enhancement with central station monitoring software provider Immix to securely connect any business location using the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) with any central station using Immix. The integration brings the distinct advantages of cloud, including greatly simplified installation, robust end-to-end cybersecurity, centralised management of multiple locations,

InVid Tech

Immix announces integration of InVid Tech’s NVR and IP Cameras

Immix is pleased to announce the integration of InVid Tech’s NVR and IP Cameras for the Immix CS/GF platforms. Immix knows that the world wants to feel safe. InVid Tech offers products to Alert, Connect, & Secure You. With it, users can stop potential issues before they become problems. Short for Innovative Video Technology, InVid


Immix partners with DeepAlert: Now available through AI Link

Immix is proud to partner with DeepAlert, a market-leading AI technology company providing video analytics to surveillance operations. Forged in the demanding security environment in South Africa, DeepAlert has rapidly expanded globally providing an effective false alarm filtering service that dramatically improves monitoring operations and drives down costs, Immix Protect says. According to Immix, it

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