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Immix is a leading software company developing solutions to improve the user’s ability to manage and respond to security events by creating an intuitive, easy to use software integration platform. Immix’s mission is to provide a common platform connecting different systems, and it now integrates with over 500 of the top security products and systems in the market. In this exclusive interview, we speak to CEO Chris Brown, about why he joined Immix, about the solutions the brand provides, and about how he hopes to steer the brand towards being “a driving force that takes the industry forward”.

Why did you choose Immix and what is Immix all about?

CB: “I believed Immix offered a great opportunity – a place where I would be able to most effectively impact the industry, in the most meaningful way. It was still a very young company when I joined, and to see it become what it is now (market-leading automation product for remote guarding and managed services) overwhelms me with pride.

“Immix is the platform of choice for monitoring providers.  Our aim is to provide a single solution, or interface, or pane of glass that gives monitoring providers choice. They can choose to use our products how they see fit.

“Immix enables the industry’s largest choice in product integrations so providers can choose what they want to bring into the system. It enables the industry’s largest choice within service packages that providers can now deliver.

“These features include video verification, video detection and response, audio, remote relay control, virtual guard patrols, AI analysis and access control monitoring.

“Other features include video assist or supervision, GPS or lone worker monitoring, enhanced dispatch and investigation tools, and much more.

“Immix also offers many choices in terms of the ways in which providers using the product can optimise efficiency and productivity – with AI analysis, automated tasks and procedures, enhanced dispatch and investigation tools, and customised reporting capabilities being among those options.”

What does Immix bring to the market and why do clients use Immix?

CB: “Immix has the industry’s most trusted and proven platform to be able to aggregate multiple disparate security and communications solutions into a single interface for the user. This increases clarity, efficiency, confidence for centres and improves security outcomes for customers.

“Clients and, by extension, their clients often do not, or cannot afford to be tied to a single product or a limited range of products.  At the same time, they cannot afford to have their people intimately familiar with operational interface of 10, 20 or 50 different manufacturer products.  By integrating everything into a single interface that always looks, feels and acts the same to the operator in a centre, Immix is able to instil a real sense of command and control to a monitoring operation.”

What is fuelling the growth in the video security space?

CB: “Advanced technology and the increasingly attainable costs of that technology, as well as a reduction in available labour, and the high cost of that labour. Additionally, there is a need for greater visibility across a myriad of environments and applications.

“Also helping drive growth is the responsive and intuitive nature of our solution, which is a valuable asset. When a crime occurs, there is the need to collect evidence quickly and effectively during that live event. Immix enables event-response and a centre’s operator can be eyes-on in real-time, collecting the valuable details that can lead to apprehension and prosecution.”

Where do you see security and monitoring going in the future?

CB: “We hope to be one of the driving forces that takes the industry into the future and it is a large part of the company’s mission to do just that.

“We started in earnest down that road about three years ago with our AI Link solution, to enable the reduction of false and nuisance alarms, which are generally the biggest pain point for any monitoring delivering video-centric services.  This solution has proven to dramatically enhance both operational and cost efficiencies for providers as well improve employee morale and satisfaction.

“We’ve continued to grow that solution and our partnerships for it as it has become an increasingly popular offering globally.

“Additionally, we have added solutions that improve and enhance dispatch and event management capability.  We can now more easily get better real-time information and video into the hands of first responders or other security management personnel.  This has increased speed of response, apprehension rates and responder safety, and it has fostered better relationships between law enforcement and security monitoring providers.  We believe that relationship is at the very core of our industry because, let’s face it, if the police or whomever decide to stop responding, we are all out of business.

“Finally, technology like face-matching and AutoPatrol is now taking us into the realm where many tasks, functions and procedures can be conducted with a couple of mouse clicks or can be automated by AI entirely and only escalated to a person if specific anomalies are detected.”

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