ACT app reaches 100,000 user milestone

More than 100,000 security and resilience specialists in crowded places now have access to the Action Counters Terrorism application for business. That means more than 100,000 people across almost 8,000 UK organisations are now receiving advice and guidance directly from Counter Terrorism Policing straight to their smart phone or tablet.

The app has also recently been upgraded meaning it is now available in more than 50 languages with improved dynamic search functionality allowing users to find the content they need faster. A new document library has also been introduced making it easier to find the guidance documents need to improve organisational resilience.

With the coronavirus pandemic changing day-to-day routines, the threat from terrorism isn’t necessarily front of mind for businesses. This does not mean the threat of terrorism has gone away. The recent terror attacks in Europe and the change in the UK’s terrorism threat level to severe are reminders of how important it is to remain vigilant and for businesses to be prepared and able to protect their colleagues and customers.

The ACT App gives organisations access to the latest CT Policing information and guidance to help them act Early in responding to and reporting suspicious activity directly to CT Policing; develop and implement their incident response plans using the assured advice; access accurate and trustworthy alerts and information directly from CT Policing such as instant messages should an incident occur and UK Protect Bulletins outlining latest CT news and campaigns to support organisational resilience. The app also gives users the ability to sign up for CT Policing Training such as ACT Corporate or the ACT E-Learning and shape the future content of the tool by submitting feedback directly via the App.


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