Maximise control of your IP video network, with the new barox IDENTIV Velocity Vision VMS plug-in

Velocity Vision VMS

Barox Kommunikation AG, the global manufacturer of professional standard switches, PoE media converters and IP extenders, has released a new IDENTIV DMS plug-in that provides simple integration, flexibility and extended user control for the Velocity Vision VMS (video management system).

According to the company, its capability to integrate their advanced DMS network monitoring tool is unique in the CCTV market and greatly extends Velocity Vision control functionality. By enabling easy integration to the barox Ethernet switch range, the new Velocity Vision VMS plug-in reinforces barox’s ethos of offering network solutions tailored to meet the needs of the modern video security market.

A powerful, open API security platform, IDENTIV’s Velocity Vision VMS is designed to integrate with existing investments, provide complete situational awareness, and integrate with Hirsch Velocity Software, to provide an end-to-end security solution with real-time threat detection and loss mitigation, barox says.

Able to scale 1,000s of devices, support 8,500+ camera models and combine with 15,000+ ONVIF-compliant solutions, Velocity Vision is said to be compatible with technologies from over 100 ecosystem partners, to provide the latest in artificial intelligence, GPS, access control, and building management solutions.

Extending operational control functionality, the new barox plug-in allows users to directly manage all IP devices on their security network via the Velocity Vision VMS, including remote reboot of any non-responsive IP devices. Using the plug-in, users gain access to the full range of benefits of barox integration, including Active Camera Monitoring, PoE monitoring, Active PoE Power-up Management and Non-Stop PoE. Providing ultimate peace-of-mind for the end user, in addition, the new barox Velocity Vision plug-in delivers strengthened cyber security between the camera and VMS, including authentication certificate login.

With access to advanced barox switch functionality, installers and operators are afforded the ability to better manage their security network and connected devices. The barox DMS also provides a live graphical overview of network topology with a host of invaluable network information, with barox Omnicast system diagnostic data showing the status of cameras and switches, allowing the fast pinpointing of network and device issues.

Other essential barox user benefits include 100Mbits – 1000Mbits Jumbo Frames to ensure camera frames are not lost and periodic auto camera ‘ping’ to check and report their status. Other barox tools include PoE monitoring, cable diagnostics and remote switch traffic monitoring, where live data traffic is shown on a graphical chart. Being able to see the traffic on each port makes it easier to diagnose errors and outages remotely.

For IDENTIV VMS installers and customers, integration of the barox Velocity Vision plug-in has the potential to dramatically reduce support calls and costs, helping to quickly pinpoint and potentially resolve any network, device or cable issues – without the need for time-consuming user interaction.

Michael Powell, EMEA Sales Manager for Identiv, commented: “Driven by customer feedback, we are delighted to have this additional network monitoring capability within the Velocity Vision interface. It is undoubtedly going to transform the way our customers support their security networks, whilst adding some unique advantages to the Velocity Vision platform.”

Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner, added: “This proactive ‘game changing’ monitoring tool, provides real value and cost saving benefits to integrators and end users alike, not to mention reducing health and safety risks by alleviating the need for site visits. Extensive integration capability sets barox apart from other switch providers and is just one step on our journey to further build our international brand.  It’s very much a case of ‘watch this space’ for barox’s next big move.”

For more information on the barox Velocity Vision VMS plug-in, and the barox range of managed and unmanaged industrial media converters and professional PoE video switches, customers can contact barox on Tel: 01622 910044 Email: or visit

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