Visit BRINC Drones at IACP 2023

BRINC Drones

BRINC Drones is looking forward to welcoming visitors, where the company will share a glimpse of a drone-enabled future at IACP in San Diego, October 14-17.

Drones have become critical tools for SWAT and patrol officers to get eyes and ears in dangerous places. As the technology evolves, agencies are starting to establish Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs to get drones on scene first for enhanced de-escalation.

Imagine a world where emergency response is faster, more efficient, and remarkably informed even before first responders arrive on the scene. That’s the transformative power of Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs. DFR is a network of pre-positioned drones ready to deploy the second a call for service is made. DFR is set to redefine public safety operations and ensure the safety of both the community and officers.

BRINC Drones said it is thrilled to share a glimpse into this drone-enabled future at IACP in San Diego.

What to Expect at IACP?

Live Demonstrations: Experience firsthand the capabilities of our existing drone platforms and a look at what is next.
Expert Insights: Engage with our team, including former LEOs, to understand the transformative potential of DFR in emergency response.
Exclusive Playbook: We’ll be giving out an exclusive DFR playbook distilling learnings from early DFR adopters so your agency can get started.

Want a Sneak Peak?

Check out our new webpage here for an animated look of how DFR will work in a large city, and register to connect with BRINC at IACP.

Register here.

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