Case Study | World’s largest Well Boat goes under surveillance with Nx Witness VMS

Gåsø Høvding, located on the Nordic Norwegian Coast is the world’s largest wellboat, measuring at  84m length x 31m width. The Fish carrier has 3 fish tanks, with the capacity of 7,500m3 to transport live fish, and is now equipped with Nx Witness VMS, deployed by Cflow Fish Handling AS to increase the security, monitor the underwater fish and even collect further info such as length, width etc for record and analysis. 

“We use Network Optix, because it’s extremely easy to use and intuitive that captains love it,” said Torgrim Johanse, technical support engineer of Cflow. “They can pull different videos on the boat or underwater in split seconds and have a synchronised view of everything that is happening around the vessel.”

The maritime and aquaculture industry often requires highly specialised solutions. An advantage of Network Optix is its Open Platform nature. It has a comprehensive development kit that gives the user flexibility to integrate effortlessly with third party solutions. Whether it is simply adding industry specific sensors or integrating with highly complex customised AI solutions for the maritime and aquaculture industry, users can integrate all of them and manage it from the Network Optix Platform. This aspect together with our constant free software updates, makes Network Optix a future proof system.


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