Citadel wins US DoD counter drone contract

Citadel Defense has won a sole source contract for $6M from the US DoD

Citadel Defense has won a sole source contract for $6M from a Classified US Department of Defense customer to build and deploy an AI-powered counter drone solution. The system will be deployed at sensitive government locations and operated by non-specialist military personnel and first responders. The solution has been designed to autonomously detect, classify, track and defeat unwanted unmanned aerial systems (UASs) using artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensor fusion.

“Addressing feedback from front line operators and government experts, we’ve worked with strategic partners to develop a highly integrated and scalable solution that counters armed and surveillance UAS compromising national security missions,” explained Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense.

“We focused our efforts on addressing operational gaps shared by military and government leaders to deliver an integrated solution that is easy to use and delivered with industry leading sustainment and support,” added Josh Harman, Director of Growth and Partnerships for Citadel Defense.

Citadel’s integrated solution is designed for force protection in contested environments, the protection of critical infrastructure, urban surveillance and security at high-profile events.

“With the incredible support and expertise of our partners, the first set of integrated systems will deploy at multiple locations over the next three months,” concluded Williams.


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