Cognitec upgrades FaceVACS biometric engine for masked faces

Cognitec has recently upgraded its FaceVACS engine with advanced deep learning methods and a new face finder. According to the company, the new version shows higher biometric accuracy rates for masked faces, strong poses as well as exaggerated mouth expressions.

Extensive research and development efforts to enhance the company’s face finder technology resulted in a tenfold higher detection rate for faces largely covered by facial masks.

A specialised algorithm version with less memory consumption serves Linux-on-Arm and Android platforms. For this algorithm, test results showed particularly high matching accuracy for images of people wearing face masks.

“Cognitec’s algorithm development is responding to our customers’ critical need for accurate identification and verification products in the current pandemic environment,” states Cognitec Managing Director Alfredo Herrera.

Cognitec is already preparing the release of the next matching algorithm, expecting a further accuracy boost for general matching tasks, and especially for comparing images with partially occluded faces.



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