Dahua Sponsors Omdia reports on next generation network cameras

Dahua Technology has sponsored a white paper and two webinars hosted by Omdia. The theme of the webinars was Solving security challenges: Next-generation network cameras.

The webinar has attracted about 1,200 registrations and saw Dahua Technology’s Senior Project Sales Manager Simon Nash and Omdia’s analysts Josh Woodhouse and Tommy Zhu share their insights into new camera technology trends and how they are being used to address physical security end-user challenges.

“Nowadays, security end-users are facing more challenges, and application scenarios are becoming more demanding,” said Nash. “Traditional security systems are having problems catching up. To address security end-user challenges, Dahua Technology launches an innovative Three-in-One Camera Solution, also known as the TiOC, which offers 24/7 full-colour monitoring, active deterrence and AI-enabled accurate alarm. It is suitable for almost every security application where a fixed camera is required.”

“This virtual event highlighted some of the key challenges surveillance camera users face,” added Woodhouse. “Omdia has presented insights on the technology available in the market which can mitigate these challenges.”

“Many of the challenges end-users face can be met by existing technologies in the market,” noted Zhu. “More and more camera models are integrating exciting technologies together to be more effective. Doing more in a single camera is a theme we are observing in the next-generation of cameras.”




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