IFSEC webinar: Navigating the evolution of physical access control – trends, technology and challenges


IFSEC Insider is inviting security professionals to a webinar taking place Thursday, June 27 at 2.00pm BST. It will explore how, as organisations adapt to evolving security landscapes and workplace dynamics, the realm of physical access control is undergoing a significant transformation.

Sponsored by HID, the panel discussion will “delve into the intricate tapestry of modern access control strategies, exploring prevalent technologies, emerging trends, and the associated challenges”, IFSEC Insider said.

From the enduring presence of physical ID cards to the increasing adoption of mobile credentials and biometric solutions, the panel examines the spectrum of identification methods. Key discussion points include the implications of mobile access on user experience and organizational workflows, the role of open standards in fostering smart building ecosystems, as well as the intersection of sustainability and access control strategies, along with the growing prominence of contactless biometrics.

Through insights from industry experts, this panel aims to illuminate the path forward in effectively securing physical spaces, while embracing innovation and sustainability in access control practices.

Discussion Points:

  • Exploring the impact of mobile adoption on workplace efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Assessing the security and interoperability benefits of open standards in access control systems.
  • Addressing the convergence of physical and cyber security operations and its implications for organizational resilience.

Speakers include:

Sanjit Bardhan, Vice President and Head of Mobile at HID, Cristian Cotiga, Vice President of Product Management for Physical Access Control Systems at HID, and Josef Šachta, CEO & Co-Founder of Sharry, a B2B workplace experience platform for offices and class A office buildings anywhere in the world.

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